If you support Cascadia and want to see it become a reality, join us! The Department of Bioregion is a member run organization, and each supporter gets access into our member only co-op, voting rights, accesss to wholesale pricing, special updates and ways to be involved, and of course flag, passport, stickers and other gifts throughout the year.

Every Member Recieves:

  • A 3x5’ Cascadia Flag.

  • Access into our Member Only Wholesale Site

  • Cascadia Passport & special Passport updates

  • Cascadia Sticker Pack, Patch & Pin

  • Unique Annual Gift each year

  • Access to our Cascadia Member Store with Cascadia wholesale pricing.

  • Annual State of Cascadia Report & Voting Rights

Also, if you would not like the the swag, you will have the option for 100% of your gift go to Dept of Bioregion activities, projects and embassies.


The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is an informal, grassroots community organization powered by it's members. We are not incorporated in any way, we receive no grants, or support from any current businesses or corporations.

Gifts are not tax deductible.