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Also, if you would not like the the swag, you will have the option for 100% of your gift go to Dept of Bioregion activities, projects and chapters.

Do you love Cascadia? Join us!

Together, we are building a hub and community for those who love Cascadia and the Cascadia movement and are working to make it a reality. We live in one of the most special places in the world, want to protect the things we love, and believe that we can be doing so much better than we are today. Your membership amplifies positive impacts across Cascadia.

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  • Your organization! Receive voting rights and weigh in on policy issues and our direction.

Where does the money go? 

  • Cascadia organizers, projects and chapters around the Cascadia Bioregion

  • Educational materials on Cascadia & Bioregionalism

  • Community-driven workshops, classes events and initiatives.

  • Dynamic volunteer hub connecting Cascadians with projects that speak to their interests.

  • Community Spark Fund which provides small startup grants to Cascadian projects & groups as decided by YOU.

Why this membership?

YOU make this movement happen. Your efforts keep our organization independent and supporter driven, and 100% of our funding comes from passionate supporters like yourself, through our store, small gifts and memberships. 

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is a diverse group of passionate people interested in protecting the things we find special, and helping build healthier communities here in the Pacific Northwest. Interest and support for the idea and movement has exploded, and we want to be able to build an organization able to protect the amazing things we love about this region, and live up to those ideals and dreams. Each of us has that power, and this is where we start. Support from this campaign goes directly to helping projects, events and groups across the Pacific Northwest.


This is Cascadia, and we are Cascadian, join us!

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The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is an informal, grassroots organization powered by it's members. We receive no grants, or support from any current businesses or corporations.

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